Chipped glass? No problem. Most insurance companies cover the cost of chip repair.

Glass Chip Repair

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Jazz Car Wash & Detailing now offers glass chip repair on site.

Most insurance companies cover this service so the cost is free to you. If you’re not sure your insurance company covers this service you can call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask or we’ll do it for you when you have a chip repaired. If you choose not to have your insurance company cover this service the cost is $25.

Chip repair takes 15-20 minutes and can be completed when you’re in for a wash or detail. It usually involves no extra time since this service is completed while your car is being finished.

Repairing a chip in glass is important. If not fixed grit accumulation, temperature fluctuations, and road shock can cause the chip to spread and crack. This leads to impaired visibility putting you and others at risk and makes a complete windshield replacement necessary.

Headlight Restoration

The clarity of New Plastic Headlights can deteriorate within a couple years after being manufactured causing the dimming of the light output. This can be unsafe as it diminishes how far forward your headlights project their light. Headlights start to become foggy is because the clear coat coating applied at the factory begins to degrade due to UV breakdown and sand and grit abrasion .
We clean and restore your headlights to their former, bright glory. Think of it as a teeth whitening for your car!