Love the way your car looks. A clea and properly detailed vehicle will typically sell for up to 20% more than one that has not been properly maintained and detailed.

Detailing FAQs

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How long do I need to leave my car with you if I am getting a complete detail?
We prefer to have your car for 8 hours. That said – we can accommodate most time constraints – so long as we have the vehicle for a minimum of 4 hours.

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How long does it take to have my carpets cleaned?
For normal situations we like to have a minimum of 90 minutes to fully clean your carpets.

How long does it take to wax a car?
A standard wax application takes less than 60 minutes. Most clients wait while this service is being performed.

Do you offer express detailing services whereby I can wait onsite for my car to be detailed?
Yes. Express services such as vinyl and leather conditioning, hand waxes and carpet shampoos can all be done in less than 90 minutes.

Do you have a secure key drop box so I can safely leave my car with you after hours?

What kind of waxes do you carry?
We carry various premium brands of detailing supplies, their application depends on the finishes that we are working on.

What is paint cleaning clay?
Paint cleaning clay is a synthetic clay bar (looks/feels like silly putty) which, when rubbed over a vehicle’s surface, will remove the baked in grime from your paint. The final outcome or result is a glass smooth surface.

Can you remove hard water spots?
Yes – in 90% of cases we are able to remove baked in calcium deposits from glass and paint.

I need to return my leased car, do you have a lease return detail package whereby you can clean up the car so I do not get penalized by the dealership for extraordinary wear and tear?
Yes – we can perform what is referred to as a mini detail service where we can clean up the car and spot polish any scratches and clean up the interior so it quickly passes the lease return inspection.

Do you provide shuttle service?
Yes, we offer a customer shuttle service that can drop you off within a 7-mile radius. You’re not limited to your home or office while your car is getting detailed. You can catch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, shop at Aspen Grove, enjoy downtown Littleton or any place nearby. We will call you when your car is ready.  Our shuttle car and drivers are smoke free and do not accept tips. This is one of the ways we’d like to thank you for letting us care for your car. Please ask about this service when you schedule your detail appointment.

What makes Jazz different from other car washes?
Jazz Car Wash & Detailing is focused on attention to detail, providing memorable and consistent customer experiences.

We are the only car wash in Colorado that uses patented Lammscloth by NS Wash Systems of California. Using the Lammscloth is equivalent to hand washing your vehicle with a real lamb’s wool wash mitt, yet even safer than washing it by hand yourself!

We are among the extremely few car wash that use 100% plush Micro Fiber towels. These towels are absolutely incredible when it comes to improving our ability to fully dry your car and clean the interior windows. These towels are extremely gentle on your paint and do a very thorough job of cleaning the windows.

Our 120-foot automated car wash tunnel can accommodate almost any size or type of vehicle under 7’2” in height and begins with high-pressure rinsing jets to ensure all road grim and grit is completely removed before any of our gentle Lammscloth even touches your vehicle.

Customers notice that our equipment turns at very low revolutions per minute to ensure a safe and thorough exterior car wash. Our clients love Jazz’s unique air gun stations, which are used on every car to blow out the exterior crevasses which prevent unsightly water spotting. These air hoses are equipped with non-marking tips, making it impossible for our equipment to scratch or damage your car. Also, our cleaning professionals wear red Ferrari jumpsuits that are specially designed with hidden zippers to virtually eliminate any risk of scratching your car. Finally, our 13 professional grade vacuum stations ensure that your car’s interior is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently with minimal waiting.

While your vehicle is being cleaned, you can relax and watch the process in our luxurious waiting area. Our lounge has complimentary wireless service, daily newspapers, magazines, high-definition television, and other amenities to ensure you are comfortable while you wait. If you prefer the outdoors, our patio includes umbrellas and comfortable furniture. In addition, brewed coffee is always on the house for our car wash and detail clients.

Can you remove road paint, tar, overspray and graffiti from cars?
Yes – absolutely.