Magnesium chloride will corrode unprotected metals and chrome if left on your car for more than 48 hours. Let Jazz protect your car for winter.

Car Wash FAQs

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Are you a franchise?
No, we are a locally-owned and operated full-service car wash business.

Is this your only location?
Yes – for the time being.

How did you come up with the name Jazz?
The name came from many conversations with people who like to keep their cars clean. We asked them how they feel when they drive a clean car. They told us they feel “great or jazzed.” That’s the essence of our name and mission at Jazz.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards in addition to cash. We do not accept checks.

What are the vehicle restrictions for your automated car wash tunnel?
No dual axle trucks; vehicles must be less than 7’1’’; no ladder racks hanging over the front; no tires wider than 12’5″. We can hand wash vehicles that do not fit these parameters.

How long does a full service car wash take?
Our service pledge is a great shine every time. Our safe, gentle, clean and efficient car wash process is designed to completely finish your car inside and out in less than 15 minutes! Our premium washes which involve interior dressing of your vinyl and leather surfaces. It does take an extra 10 to 15 minutes.

Do you close on bad weather days?
Our staff is almost always on-site. However, when temperatures are below 18 degrees, we may have to close the car wash tunnel to prevent freezing and damage to both our equipment and your vehicle. If you are in doubt about whether we are open, please call us at 303-738-8885. Note that if you wash in below-freezing temperatures, your doors and windows may freeze shut. If you require detailing services during poor weather, we typically have a detail professional on-site. It is advisable that you schedule ahead of time.

Will my windshield crack in extreme temperatures?
No. Unless there is a defect in the glass, your windshield will not crack when going through the wash on an extremely hot or cold day.  Please note that even the smallest chip or crack can expand into a crack when your glass is exposed to sudden temperature changes or shocks caused by road bumps or potholes.

Are you certified by Denver Water?
Yes, Jazz is certified as a Water Smart Car Wash by Denver Water, and we are a member of Water Savers International. In addition, many of the solutions we use to clean your vehicle are environmentally friendly.

Is car washing safe for the environment? 
Absolutely! At Jazz Car Wash & Detailing, in fact, it is much safer for the environment to wash your car at a professional car wash than in your driveway. We reclaim and recycle all of our car wash water, strictly control the fresh water flow rates and water pressure in our car wash and use considerably less water per car than you would use if you were to wash your car in the driveway. Our dirty water is recycled and reused and all debris is collected by professional vacuum trucks and sent directly to a treatment plant, unlike washing in the driveway, where the waste water goes down the storm drain and can end up as runoff in local rivers, lakes, or streams. All mud and debris from the cars we wash is held in a confined trench and then removed regularly by a professional disposal company.

Do I stay in the vehicle while it goes through your wash tunnel?
No we prefer that customers exit their vehicles. However, if it is more convenient for you, we are willing to accommodate such requests.

What is magnesium chloride?
Magnesium chloride is a salt compound that is pre-applied to the roads in the winter to prevent ice. When left on your car, it can cause wiring corrosion and rust. In order to properly protect your car from magnesium chloride be sure to wash your car at least every week throughout the winter and early spring months. Read more about magnesium chloride here, or click here for the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Fact Sheet.

How often should I wash my vehicle?
We recommend you wash your vehicle a minimum of twice a month. Wash frequency really depends on the climate and environment where you live. In Colorado, it is important to wash frequently enough to remove pollutants that stick on your vehicle’s surface such as acid rain spots; harsh dust which, if rubbed can scratch the paint; bugs, which will bake into your paint; tree sap, which will etch your paint; and magnesium chloride/ salt, which will ruin your chrome and metal surfaces. The longer you leave your car dirty, the harder it is to clean and maintain the interior and exterior of the car. Industry experts state that a properly-maintained vehicle will retain its value longer and garner a higher price when it comes to resale.

How often should I wax my vehicle?
We recommend you wax your vehicle a minimum of three times a year. Darker colored cars should be waxed four times per year.

What is the best way to protect my car from salt and rust? 
The best way to protect your car is by washing not only the top of the car, but also the undercarriage. We recommend an undercarriage wash at least every other week in the spring and winter. The undercarriage wash is a high-pressure rinse that flushes all of the salt and road grime from the underside of your car.

Will your car wash scratch my paint or damage my car?
No not at all. Our wash process is safe and gentle. Your car goes through three stages of high pressure rinsing/cleaning to remove any road grim and dirt before it gets touched by our patented ultra gentle Lammscloth. We use only 100% microfiber and cotton finishing towels to hand finish your car as a final step in the cleaning process.

Do you offer a rain check or clean car guarantee?
Yes we do. Depending on the wash you purchased we offer anywhere from a 24 hour – 5 day clean car guarantee.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes we do. We also have a great assortment of greeting cards for sale.

Do you provide discounts to seniors, military personnel, police and fire departments?
Yes we do. You will save $2.00 off your price.

Do your gas customers get discounts on car washes?
Yes – if you purchase 10 or more gallons of gas you save $2.00 on any car wash.

Do you have commercial and fleet wash programs?
Yes we do. Please call the office at 303-738-8885 for more information.

Do you detail boats, RV’s and trailers?
Yes we do. Please call for a quote.

What makes Jazz different from other car washes?
Jazz Car Wash & Detailing is focused on attention to detail, providing memorable and consistent customer experiences.

We are the only car wash in Colorado that uses patented Lammscloth by NS Wash Systems of California. Using the Lammscloth is equivalent to hand washing your vehicle with a real lamb’s wool wash mitt, yet even safer than washing it by hand yourself!

We are among extremely few car washes that use 100% plush Micro Fiber towels. These towels are absolutely incredible when it comes to improving our ability to fully dry your car and clean the interior windows. These towels are extremely gentle on your paint and do a very thorough job of cleaning the windows.

Our 120-foot automated car wash tunnel can accommodate almost any size or type of vehicle under 7’1” in height and begins with high-pressure rinsing jets to ensure all road grim and grit is completely removed before any of our gentle Lammscloth even touches your vehicle.

Customers notice that our equipment turns at very low revolutions per minute to ensure a safe and thorough exterior car wash. Our clients love Jazz’s unique air gun stations, which are used on every car to blow out the exterior crevasses which prevent unsightly water spotting. These air hoses are equipped with non-marking tips, making it impossible for our equipment to scratch or damage your car. Also, our cleaning professionals wear red Ferrari jumpsuits that are specially designed with hidden zippers to virtually eliminate any risk of scratching your car. Finally, our 13 professional grade vacuum stations ensure that your car’s interior is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently with minimal waiting.

While your vehicle is being cleaned, you can relax and watch the process in our luxurious waiting area. Our lounge has complimentary wifi, daily newspapers, magazines, high-definition television, and other amenities to ensure you are comfortable while you wait. If you prefer the outdoors, our patio includes umbrellas and comfortable furniture. In addition, brewed coffee is always on the house for our car wash and detail clients.